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Seasons Of Love...

How can Rent be so utterly depressing and yet inspiringly life-affirming at the same time?

If anyone has an answer let me know!

Lyrics of the moment:


"How'd I let you slip away
When I'm longing so to hold you
Now I'd die for one more day
'Cause there's something
I should have told you
Yes there's something
I should have told you

When I looked into your eyes
Why does distance make us wise?
You were the song all along
And before this song dies

I should tell you
I should tell you
I have always loved you
You can see it in my eyes..."


He's An Xbox And I'm More An Atari!

Hello everyone - I have just a simple thing to say to everyone today!

Cee-lo rocks!

Firstly - he looks the biz! And he wears a mean pink tie (I so couldn't pull that off)!

Secondly his new song rocks! It's the first I've ever heard from him - but I am so going to listen to some of his other stuff now! :D It's mildly NSFW (due to it's content) but “Fuck You” is a wonderful combination of the classic Retro Soul and Pop-Infused energy. Mix in some no-nonsense lyrics that everyone wishes they could say to that cheating ex and you get a fantastic up-beat but down to Earth song that just makes you smile!

So for your viewing pleasure - here it is!

Lyrics of the moment:

"Yeah, I’m sorry I can’t afford a Ferrari
But that don’t mean I can’t get you there
I guess he’s an X-box and I’m more Atari
But the way you play your game ain’t fair"

To Be This Talented Would Rock!

I'm a big fan of lots of animated comedy shows (mostly American ones including Family Guy, Drawn Together, American Dad, The Simpsons etc.) but none of them can compare to the master of satire, South Park. A lot of people on the interwebs have said that the latter series of South Park have de-generated into mindless parodies of movies or current events. However, I feel that these last few series have become sharper, funnier and worth watching much more than the earlier series. One of the biggest assets that Matt Stone & Trey Parker (the creators) is that the songs they are able to write and orchestrate are freaking genius. Take for example this one:

This is "Too Many Minorities (My Water Park)" from the 13th series episode 'Pee'. Basically it highlights Cartmans' absolute racism towards anyone not white (a major recurring theme for those who don't know). What is genius about it however is that although the content of the song is rascist, the writers have come up with a wonderful tune and orchestration for the lyrics which are outstandingly funny and simplistically clever. For example:

"There's no place for me to sit anymore
And the lines just keep getting crazier
There are Mexicans all around me
The lazy river has never been la

A fantastic play on words here; on the racism, the name of the water park ride and the stereotype about Mexicans being really lazy! All managed in two lines! Plus the two lines above it are still relevant as they talk about the long lines at water parks (or amusement parks in general). I wouldn't be surprised if the writers had been to an amusement park recently and just came up with this episode on the way home!

Anyway, this was just an excuse to get some South Park into my blog since I love it so much, and also to wax lyrical about Matt & Trey who are without doubt some of the most annoyingly talented men on Earth!

Just browsing on the web I noticed that Matt & Trey are writing a musical with one of the creators of the Avenue Q musical about Mormons (something they touched upon in South Park). It will star Cheyenne Jackson who was in the Broadway version of Xanadu (one of my favourite musicals) so looks set to be really, really good!

I should just add at the end here, that I struggled to think of any British animated TV shows (and being British myself, this is slightly embarrassing), so I Googled it and still couldn't find any. Then I realised that we Brits tend to go for the claymation type stuff rather than animation (Crapston Villas, Wallace & Gromit and older stuff like Postman Pat, Fireman Sam & The Wombles etc.). I don't know if this is just due to lack of funding, lack of skilled animators or just cultural preference but it seems to be the way things will keep going in the future.

Lyrics of the moment:

"There are too many minorities (minorities)
At my water park (my waterpark)
This was our land, our dream (our dream)
And they've taken it all away

They just keep cming and coming (minorities)
I tried to go and tell the police
But even the authorities are minorities
At my water park

There's no place for me to sit anymore
And the lines just keep getting crazier
There are mexicans all around me
The lazy river has never been lazier"

- Eric Cartman (2009)

Weekend Of Madness 2010

Weekend? Well, more like four hours...maybe?!

This weekend was the usual Weekend Of Madness to celebrate the birth of 
[info]violetcreme combined with the wedding of a friend from university. As I was actually working [info]bifters_bifters stepped into the fray as well. Therefore, the ladies arrived for the wedding and then visited me at work, where I was given a flump and a tin of sardines in tomato sauce...

On the Sunday the insanity continued with the usual ritual of getting picked up (more aptly described as me trying to squeeze my bulk into a tiny car whilst being laughed at) and then singing at the uni (also known as
[info]violetcreme forgetting lyrics despite reading them over my shoulder - lets just say that Phantom Of The Opera would have ended quite differently if [info]violetcreme had been playing Christine)! After a couple of hours it was all over however, so I think we need to sort out a better one next year (money permitting)!

TV has actually been interesting lately with 'Sherlock' being insanely awesome, but also thanks to 'The Deep' - Minnie Driver and James Nesbitt, which whilst not the most striking TV series I've ever watched, has enough promise to get me to watch all five episodes. Now I've got to find something to replace it once it's finished!

Gonna scoot as World of Warcraft is calling - night all! I'll leave you with Stephen Lynch singing a soft lullaby...

Lyrics of the moment:

"Hush little girl
Sweet baby don't cry
Daddy is here and he'll sing you a soft lullaby
Why can't it all be like it was before
How can I explain why mommy's not here anymore

'Coz daddy likes porno and $10 whores
Daddy gets wasted and robs liquor stores
Daddy likes rubbing against little boys on the bus
  Ithink that's why mommy left us
Mommy left us"

- Stephen Lynch (2003)
I found out recently (with many joyous exultations) that series 4 of Torchwood has been commissioned and that RTD (Russel T. Davies) has let loose the names of those who will be writing the episodes! Listed amongst the throng are:

Doris Egan (Dark Angel)
Jon Fay (Torchwood)
Jane Espenson (Buffy/Battlestar Galactica/Dollhouse)

I would also imagine that RTD will be writing several episodes, but the great news is that Espenson was a huge fan of Spike in the Buffy series so it is highly likely that there may be some more shenanigans with Captain John Hart (James Marsters). I would also like to see something involving a search for Torchwood 4 which was the Torchwood that disappeared - which is very similar to what happened to Babylon 4 in the Babylon 5 series and may indeed have been a subtle nod in that direction.

On another joyful note, Sherlock has been making me watch TV as of late. For the un-edjumacated it is a modern day re-telling of classic Sherlock Holmes by the mostly awesome Steven Moffat (I still haven't forgiven him for the latest series of Doctor Who - although the awesomeness of Sherlock explains the weakness of Doctor Who somewhat). Full of funny in-jokes (3 patch problem), modern day forensic work + clever switches for the objects that Holmes uses to get his information (a watch for a mobile phone etc.) and awesome performances from Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman (as Sherlock and Watson respectively).

Ciao people!

Lyrics of the moment:

"I can't decide
Whether you should live or die
Oh, you'll probably go to heaven
Please don't hang your head and cry
No wonder why
My heart feels dead inside
It's cold and hard and petrified
Lock the doors and close the blinds
We're going for a ride"

- Scissor Sisters (2006)

Hello! My name’s Jon and I’m considered (by most) to be slightly unusual. I’m a security officer by day and a songwriter by night – wait a minute, that analogy doesn’t quite work…
I’ll start again! I’m employed as a security officer (read – general dogsbody) which actually involves both day and night work so my body clock is so out of whack I have no idea who or what I am a lot of the time. This fits in nicely with my image as most people don’t know what to make of me the first time they meet me, especially if I’m doing something they consider to be a little odd. My job involves doing the usual things that a security officer would do (patrols, locking up buildings, breaking up fights, dealing with student issues etc.) but it also involves, among other things, being a postman, a maintenance person, a gardener, a porter, a receptionist and all round general ‘Oh, we’ll get Security to do that pointless job we can’t be arsed to do’ type person! More on this later no doubt – I am desperately seeking more gainful employment.
So I’ve covered what I do, but what am I? Well, I’m fat (but losing weight), I’m funny (in an understated way), I’m friendly (in a big puppy kind of way) and normal fairly frisky (but enough on that)! I’m usually found playing on World of Warcraft (lots more on this later) or writing songs on my keyboard or guitar. I actually reached the semi-finals of the UK Song Writing Contest with two songs so I am looking for a win at some point! Currently writing songs with a mate who, when I can prise him away from his girlfriend/lover/limpet, has the most amazing voice I’ve heard (even better than The Barrowman, Tobias Sammet and Michael Ball combined) - however, he also has a disturbing, drunken alter ego called Rodrigo.
Now for a bit about what I will be doing here. I’ve been a blogger before but quickly got bored of it. However, I didn’t really have much to blog about when I was younger, but now that I’m older (and more cantankerous) I feel the world needs to hear my voice! I’ll be talking about all sorts of things; money, music, song writing, World Of Warcraft, Eurovision, health, things that strike me as funny or stupid and all that sort of jazz!
So hello and welcome to the Throne Room where I’m sure you’ll be amazed a lot of the time – or at least left shaking your head in disbelief…or disgust!
Lyrics of the moment:

“Tonight a thousand angels fall
Heaven’s up against the wall
Changes holding sway
We can make you anyone
By the morning we’ll be gone
The ministry of saints”

- Edguy (2009)