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Hello! My name’s Jon and I’m considered (by most) to be slightly unusual. I’m a security officer by day and a songwriter by night – wait a minute, that analogy doesn’t quite work…
I’ll start again! I’m employed as a security officer (read – general dogsbody) which actually involves both day and night work so my body clock is so out of whack I have no idea who or what I am a lot of the time. This fits in nicely with my image as most people don’t know what to make of me the first time they meet me, especially if I’m doing something they consider to be a little odd. My job involves doing the usual things that a security officer would do (patrols, locking up buildings, breaking up fights, dealing with student issues etc.) but it also involves, among other things, being a postman, a maintenance person, a gardener, a porter, a receptionist and all round general ‘Oh, we’ll get Security to do that pointless job we can’t be arsed to do’ type person! More on this later no doubt – I am desperately seeking more gainful employment.
So I’ve covered what I do, but what am I? Well, I’m fat (but losing weight), I’m funny (in an understated way), I’m friendly (in a big puppy kind of way) and normal fairly frisky (but enough on that)! I’m usually found playing on World of Warcraft (lots more on this later) or writing songs on my keyboard or guitar. I actually reached the semi-finals of the UK Song Writing Contest with two songs so I am looking for a win at some point! Currently writing songs with a mate who, when I can prise him away from his girlfriend/lover/limpet, has the most amazing voice I’ve heard (even better than The Barrowman, Tobias Sammet and Michael Ball combined) - however, he also has a disturbing, drunken alter ego called Rodrigo.
Now for a bit about what I will be doing here. I’ve been a blogger before but quickly got bored of it. However, I didn’t really have much to blog about when I was younger, but now that I’m older (and more cantankerous) I feel the world needs to hear my voice! I’ll be talking about all sorts of things; money, music, song writing, World Of Warcraft, Eurovision, health, things that strike me as funny or stupid and all that sort of jazz!
So hello and welcome to the Throne Room where I’m sure you’ll be amazed a lot of the time – or at least left shaking your head in disbelief…or disgust!
Lyrics of the moment:

“Tonight a thousand angels fall
Heaven’s up against the wall
Changes holding sway
We can make you anyone
By the morning we’ll be gone
The ministry of saints”

- Edguy (2009)