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I found out recently (with many joyous exultations) that series 4 of Torchwood has been commissioned and that RTD (Russel T. Davies) has let loose the names of those who will be writing the episodes! Listed amongst the throng are:

Doris Egan (Dark Angel)
Jon Fay (Torchwood)
Jane Espenson (Buffy/Battlestar Galactica/Dollhouse)

I would also imagine that RTD will be writing several episodes, but the great news is that Espenson was a huge fan of Spike in the Buffy series so it is highly likely that there may be some more shenanigans with Captain John Hart (James Marsters). I would also like to see something involving a search for Torchwood 4 which was the Torchwood that disappeared - which is very similar to what happened to Babylon 4 in the Babylon 5 series and may indeed have been a subtle nod in that direction.

On another joyful note, Sherlock has been making me watch TV as of late. For the un-edjumacated it is a modern day re-telling of classic Sherlock Holmes by the mostly awesome Steven Moffat (I still haven't forgiven him for the latest series of Doctor Who - although the awesomeness of Sherlock explains the weakness of Doctor Who somewhat). Full of funny in-jokes (3 patch problem), modern day forensic work + clever switches for the objects that Holmes uses to get his information (a watch for a mobile phone etc.) and awesome performances from Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman (as Sherlock and Watson respectively).

Ciao people!

Lyrics of the moment:

"I can't decide
Whether you should live or die
Oh, you'll probably go to heaven
Please don't hang your head and cry
No wonder why
My heart feels dead inside
It's cold and hard and petrified
Lock the doors and close the blinds
We're going for a ride"

- Scissor Sisters (2006)